Cast Stone Walling

Cast Stone Walling

Cast Stone Walling is manufactured from using a pre-defined control of mixtures, within naturally occurring aggregates, Portland cement, premium admixtures and colourfast pigments.

Available to you by an established company, Stone by Design LTD, it is designed to meet the needs of the Architects and Builders.

Cast Stone Walling combines the appeal of natural stone with the ease and economy of modern building materials.

Surface Finishes

The choice of surface finish, can provide subtle differences to enhance the overall appearance of your completed project.  

Cast Stone Walling is available in four distinctive faces: Split, Pitched, Rumbled and Traditional Hand Dressed, allowing materials to be matched in both rural and urban areas.

All surfaces finishes are available in packs containing one size of stone only, manufactured nominally 100mm on bed.

Split Faced - Surface 1
Pitch Faced - Surface 2
Rumbled Faced - Surface 3
Traditional Hand Dressed - Surface 4

Pitched Faced

Split Faced blocks can then be further worked by mechanically having the edges chiselled away to produce a distinctive raised surface called Pitched faced


By using another mechanised process, the blocks can be given a antiquated effect or a Rumbled surface finish. Rumbled walling is particularly suited to projects where a soft, rounded effect of weathered stone is required.

Traditional Hand Dressed

For the unique appearance, resembling natural stone, cast stone blocks are hand finished by masons. Traditional Hand Dressed is the most heavily textured of all our surface finishes and is ideally suited to an environment where cast stone walling is required to blend in with existing natural stone.

Colour Range

Cast Stone Walling is produced in four standard colours, designed to complement the variety of building stones found throughout the UK.

For special projects, requiring non-standard colours and sizes, Stone by Design LTD are able to produce blocks to match your requirements.

Split Faced

Split Faced walling is the most popular finish for housing and landscaping projects. The craggy, rusticated appearance gives the feel of traditional walling and adds character to a building.


Black Old Weathered


Brown Old Weathered

For more information, please get in contact with us to discuss your requirements.

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