Architectural – Ability to create surface finishes with the introduction of architectural form liners


Ecological – Reduce environmental impact due to minimal steel reinforcement


Adaptable - Flexibility to be moulded and manufactured to reproduce a wide range of shapes and textures


Economical – High in strength enabling larger yet lightweight, slender facade panels


Going Green – Environmentally friendly manufacturing with many implemented materials based on naturally occuring earth oxides


Opportunity – Fantastic option to replace non-structural precast facade with weight impacts on construction methods

Detached house bath stone supplied
Detached house bath stone supplied
Finished Project Bespoke Green Cills and Heads Plot 1
Finished Project Bespoke Green Cills and Heads Plot 1
Bespoke Anthracite Cills
Bespoke Anthracite Cills
Finished Project Bespoke Green Cills and Heads Plot 2
Finished Project Bespoke Green Cills and Heads Plot 2
Finished 3 Plot Dwellings Stone manufactured in Bath.
Finished 3 Plot Dwellings Stone manufactured in Bath.
Bathstone Quoins, Heads, Cills and Jambs
Bathstone Quoins, Heads, Cills and Jambs

Stone by Design LTD

Supreme Manufacturers of High Quality Cast Stone Products

Stone by Design is a precast manufacturer of distinction, specialising in Architectural Cast Stone.  We offer a complete service from start to finish providing supreme quality cast stone products across two different disciplines, Wet Cast and light weight GRC cast stone products.

We only use quality natural materials in our Wet Cast and GRC Stone to ensure a supreme quality finished product which meets the very highest of standards BS 1217 and BS 8110 which has been superseded by EN 1992 ‘Cast stone - Specification’ Standard and UKCSA Specification and BS 1170 part 5.


Stone by Design offer a standard range of supreme quality Architectural Cast Stones but we have the facilities in-house using our specialist joiners to create any mould required irrespective of the design complexity.

We at Stone by Design believe strongly in providing excellent customer service, highly competitive pricing and fast lead times to meet even the most demanding of budgets and timescales.  We can guarantee your job will be finalised within budget and to deadline.


Stone by Design's products are available in a set of four standard colours; Terracotta, Bath, Light Bath and Portland.  However, we have the experience and knowledge to match existing colours on site and can produce a wide range of colours to suit and add distinction to any building project and client specification requirements.

Please feel free to come down to our showroom and staging area, to view visual appearances and to see our available Architectural Cast Stone in stock.  Here you can view the colours on range and witness first hand the quality craftsmanship which goes into our supreme quality products.

Wet Cast Solution


Wet Cast Stone is useful for complex reinforcements, load-bearing situations and where there is a high degree of environmental exposure without the requirement for standard lintels.


Our Wet Cast Stone is professionally hand finished with that extra love and care which provides a surface texture which weathers profoundly slower than any dry cast or other alternative cast stone.


It offers a hard, durable finish which will match any concurrent style.

GRC Solution

Whereas our Feather-Stone GRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete) has a unique combination of high strength and low weight – up to 80% lighter than traditional precast cladding – together with the fact that it’s easy to both handle and install, makes GRC popular with many architects and property developers. 


This glass fibre reinforced concrete requires minimal maintenance to keep its desired appearance. So if you’re needing a versatile, environmentally-sound material for your office or large commercial project, GRC could be the choice for you. 


GRC is also ideal for all large housing developers, as it is also available in a standard range of sizes and colours.

The Bottom Line...

Rather than using expensive natural stone components for your building project, Architectural Wet Cast or GRC Stone is a welcomed alternative, which is not only a third of the price but also more readily available and can be cast in many different colours to match natural sandstone, keeping with the contemporary design, without compromising the durability and structural integrity of natural stone.


With the ability to supply standard or bespoke units, the craftsmanship combined with a unique blend of locally sourced sands and aggregates, Cast Stone Manufacture can be moulded to almost any shape giving you the opportunity to create or reproduce Stonework that is both cost effective, attractive, durable and with the weathering characteristics and structural integrity of natural stone.



Cost Effective Solution – a lower cost alternative than using natural stone


Authentic – capture the authentic look and feel of natural stone


Contemporary Design - choose a new design or a contemporary feel for your build or property.


Strength – our cast stone exceeds minimum requirements set British Standards & UKCSA Specification


Resistance – our Recipe looks newer for longer with minimal maintenance required


Versatile – easy to install and handle, as well as being flexible for a variety of designs, sizes and shapes


Bespoke colours are available on request, please get in contact for more information

Stone by Design LTD

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